Danielle Logue

Dr. Danielle Logue joined the UTS Business School after completing a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Science (MSc) at Said Business School, University of Oxford, graduating with distinction. During her doctoral studies, Danielle was a visiting scholar at Stanford University, USA and also the recipient of numerous scholarships, awards and honours at the University of Oxford, including a Clarendon Scholarship, Green Templeton College Doctoral Scholarship, Oxford Leadership Prize and a University of Oxford Vice Chancellor’s Award.

Prior to Oxford, Dr. Logue worked as a consultant for the World Bank and as a R&D Manager for the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources in Australia. Danielle was also a Business Development Manager at IDP Education Australia, again working on World Bank, AusAID and Asian Development Bank projects. It is these professional experiences, in diffusing policies, projects and programs across governments, international agencies and businesses, across industries and across countries, that fostered Dr.Logue’s research interests in the diffusion of innovations, market creation, strategy and social entrepreneurship, and essentially broad scale processes of social change. Dr. Logue is currently investigating the emergence and diffusion of social finance markets worldwide, specifically in Australia, Canada and the UK.

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