Helene Marsh

Helene Marsh is Distinguished Professor of Environmental Science and the Dean of Graduate Research Studies at James Cook University. 

Helene is a Fellow of both the Australian Academies of Science and Technological Sciences and Engineering and has received several international awards for her research. She currently chairs the national Threatened Species Scientific Committee. 
The focus of her research has been dugong population ecology. Committed to informing interdisciplinary solutions to conservation problems Helene has collaborated widely with colleagues in other disciplines as varied as Anatomy, Economics, Geography, Law and Psychology. 

Throughout the course of her academic career, Helene has supervised 55 PhDs and 20 Master’s candidates to successful completions and has a several more candidates in the pipeline. 

Helene became Director of Graduate Studies at JCU in 1997 and was the foundation Dean when the Graduate Research School was established in 2003. Helene has been “Top DDOG” (chair of the Australian Council of Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies) on two separate occasions and has published in the field of doctoral education. She was one of the Deputy Chairs of the Expert Working Group for the recent ACOLA Review of Research Training.

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